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Electrophysics is a Canadian company located in South-Western Ontario.
We specialize in the design, manufacture, and marketing of moisture meters.





Electrophysics Moisture Meters Are Designed For You!

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Pin-Type And Pinless Meters

Our Instruments Are Designed For Accuracy And Quality,

With A Worldwide Reputation Since 1989

Marine Fiberglass/Wood Pinless Meters

Best-Selling Classic Analog Models

CT33 FiberNaut GRP33


Digital Model GRP200
With Internal & Remote Sensors


The Dolphin

With Audible Indication Of Moisture Level
Available Exclusively From RayPlex

Video Demonstration


Pin-Type Moisture Meters
Analog Models

MT90 MT110 MT270

Digital Models

MT700 MT808


Pinless Moisture Meters

CT12 CT33 CT100 CT808


Dual-Mode Meter
Pin-Type & Pinless

Pinless Remote Sensing

CT828 CT858



Model MT808 With Corn Probe

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Canada & USA: 1 800 244 9908
Elsewhere: (Canada) + 519 768 2146
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Fine Woodworking magazine says Electrophysics makes two
of the five best pinless meters.
The overall Best Value award is given to an Electrophysics meter.

Fine Woodworking issue January/February 2010


Best Buy Award

American Woodworker Magazine

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